Tajhiz Tunnel Javan manufacturing and engineering company started to work in 1989 with the help of God and knowledge of its young engineers.

Essential needs of country to rebuild,after war has prepared the ground for activities in different projects in all industries.

At that time one of the most important concern in tunnel making was shotcrete machine and ventilation in tunnels. The complex based on its expriences in tunnel making, and aiming at breaking dependence on foreign countries.was ready to answer the needs and after 20 years has reached .

Important honours:
  1. Winning the license of ISO 9001-2000 & ISO 9001 - 2008 from Italy in management of quality control for the sixth time in a row.
  2. Winning the license IQNET.
  3. Winning the license CE.
  4. Exporting the machinery products to abroad.
  5. Excelent customer service country wide.
  6. Sending a sample of the shotcrete machine to switzerland and its practiced test by their famous testers and its confirmation.
  7. Producing the most advanced shotcrete machine, injection pump, and ventilation duct based on the latest standard.
  8. Covering all the constructural projects with preparing machinery and services.