Spare parts for shotcrete machine

The importance quality of spare parts – consumer goods and non – consumer goods – for all experts and engineers have been approved.

T.T.E company for improving the quality of spare parts, rely on two very important point one is enhance the quality based on the feedback reports of workshops and two is lower the price with reference to new technologies and eliminate the human factor in production.

Here are some features of products in this company briefly :


Rubber plate is one of the high consumption of spare parts in shotcrete machine . In order to increase the quality of rubber plates. T.T.E has created a new method that causes the least transformation and avoids the tilt and warp of rubber plate. Also there is possibility to re – use the rubber plate by scouring and smoothing them.


It is notable that the production of rubber cylinders are with one – piece mold that increase the longevity of them. Also the high and low edges of rubber cylinder has some lines which improve the action caulk of rotor.


The production of this piece in Tajhis Tunnel Enginnering Company is done by CNC full automatic machines. It should be noted that the production of this piece with other methods reduce the quality and pressure which this piece creates.


Regarding the Hi – Tech method of production of nozzle in T.T.E, water inlet holes have designed that after passing the water from holes go to the center and reached the material which prevent the fast corrosion of nozzles.

Using the best quality of raw materials in the production of nozzles abroad makes the longevity of nozzle double.

Dosing T403

One of the machine for wet shotcrete is T403 which add necessity addetive to mortar for increasing the quality of concrete and decreasing the time of galation.

This system can easily balance the additive materials of output from shotcrete machine and suggest using it when working with T262, T263,

T285i, T285b.




THP 230

This complex thanks to its hardworking personnel has managed to produce the THP230 Frame Bender Machine by studying constantly and hard.

Some of the important features of the machine are as follow:

  • Due to the simplicity of the mechanism and implemented moulds, we can make a group of bending radius with any mould.
  • Simple operation of the machine is another advantage of this machine, which can be achieved of a short and simple training course.
  • The most prominent feature of the machine is the high speed of it e.g it can bend a 12 meter bar (of iron) in 5 minute.

The technical specifications of the Bending:

  • Machine Model THP230:
  • length of engine without cover:  200 cm
  •