Injection Pump T725

 T725 pump is a continuous deivice for injection of slush and uniformly with grain size of 8 mm different ratio of water ad cement or sand.


T725 has 3 main parts:

-Slimy materal mixer

in this part water is mixed with some materials like cemen, high speed and quality. and the partcles of rock or... to the size of 8 mm can be added to the T725 it is possible to mix and maintain 3 type of dry materials with water.


Injection Pump T800


This system can continuously transfer the material and make the mixture with any density. The system is designed in a way that there is no problem for its service and mounting and dismantling. It can be done in no time. There is a water pump installed in the A rock bolt is a long anchor bolt, for stabilizing rock excavations, which may be turned or rock cuts and is an essential component in mining and tunneling.

Rock bolts work by knitting the rock mass together sufficiently before it can more to loosen and also may be used to support wire mesh.

Rock bolts were first used in mining in the 1890 and later were applied to civil tunneling.

Based on their resposibilites, they are used in various sizes and to be stablized them, cement and yrout are applied.

One of the most important method of injection is white wash injection.


T800 is fully automatic, can mix any ratio of water and cement or other materials. An electromotor with a gearbox supplies the required energy for the rotor. Dry materials are guided to the mixer by a rubber duct. Here materials are mixed with water and required water is poured from some opening holes in the mixer.

Then the mixture is guided to the main spiral part of the pump and is sprayed out.

The system can act in any condition by this machine.

The following applications are predicted for the system:
  • Injection of rock bolt by paste method with cement or grout.
  • Injection of rock bolt by slurry method.
  • Using it as a machine for spraying cement mortar or its counterparts such as plaster.
ModelDelivery RateDelivery PressureTotal LengthTotal WidthTotal HeightLength wo motor + pumpTotal WegithWeigth wo Dismantled PartsElectricity SupplyAM
T800 400-2400 l/h Max. 60m 1610 mm 790 mm 1000 mm 1050 mm 234 Kg 134 Kg 380 V 50 Hz 12.5 A