Shotcrete is spraying the mortar of sand, cement and special additive with the use of compressed air and special machine called Shotcrete Machine.

Shotcreting can be used in building projects to cover the exterior and interior the building with the mortar of sand and cement.

Shotcrete History

Shotcrete was invented in the early 1900s in America.until the 1950s when the wet-mix process was devised, only the dry-mix process was used. Todays, based on the application in various places, both shotcretes are used in many projects.

Shotcrete set invente d by Carl Akeley in 1909 and introduced at the cement show in New York in 1915 , was a great success and unique as a construction tool, and during 5 years of its careers saw several changes and improvements to suit the mamy user in civil and industrial applications.

Todays, mining companies, contractors and engineers have to rely on quick, effective method of pnewmatically applied concrete known worldwide as shotcrete . It s a key component of many and mining projects . and smart contractors know that if shotcrete is applied correctly using the right equipment, additives and technical support, a solid foundation is built for a successful project. That’s why it is so vital to work with a knowledgeable, experienced shotcrete partner.

Fiber Rainforced

The concept of using fibers as reinforcement is not new. Fibers have been used as reinforcement since ancient times, while horsehair Was used in mortar and straw in mud bricks. Today the concept of fiber reinforced concrete has been on of the topics of


Addition of steel fibers into the concrete improves:

- The crack resistance (or ductility) capacity of the concrete.

- The tensile strength of the concrete.

- Toughness, bond strength.

- Flexural and compressive resistance.

- Impact resistance. In result Fiber reinforced shotcrete compare to shotcrete

 with wiremesh has the following benefits:

-The speed of Fiber reinforced shotcrete is much more than shotcrete with wiremesh and we save more time during the project.

- Increases crack resistance, energy absorption or toughness of concrete.

- Less rebound during operation.

- Offers economical concrete reinforcement solutions with greater project Scheduling accuracy.

- Requires less labor to incorporate into concrete than conventional reinforcement.

- Tajhiz Tunnel Javan Engineering Company is ready to prepare all kind of steel fiber for wet and dry shotcrete.

Various types of shotcrete machine

Various types of shotcrete machine have been used during past years such as the machine with two separate chambers which is connected to each other and shotcrete piston machines that is the miniature of existing concrete machine and finally shotcrete machines with rotors that spray the mixture of materials by use of compressed air through a special hose.

All produced shotcrete machines by Tajhiz Tunnel Javan Company belong to the last mentioned group of shotcrete machine which they have rotors on them and are equipped with the latest modern technology.

Among the benefits and particular specification of using this kind of shotcrete machine produced by T.T.E, we can refer to reasonable and low prices, high speed, easy to use with different materials.

ModelMaterialRotor Volume Electric DriveConveying Capacity (m3/h)Conveying Distance HConveying Distance VHose (mm)Grading 
T240 Dry & Wet 1.2 L
3.2 L
5.6 L
Yes 0.75
T250 Dry 10 L Yes 2-5 >300 >100 50 0-8Max10
T252 Dry 16 L Yes 4-8 >300 >100 50 0-8Max15
T260 Dry 16 L Yes 7-10 >300 >100 50-70 0-8Max15
T262 Dry & Wet 16 L Yes 3.5-8.5 >300
>100 Dry
>30 Wet
70 0-12Max15
T263 Dry & Wet 10 L 
16 L
25 L
Yes 4-6
>100 Dry
>30 Wet
70 0-12Max20
T285i Dry & Wet 17 L Yes 6-15 >300
>100 Dry
>40 Wet
70 0-12Max20
T285b Dry & Wet 25 L Yes 5-18 >300
>100 Dry
>30 Wet
70 0-12Max20

T240 (Soren)

The growing need of the society for production and building in housing section has caused building designers to use new related technologies and increasing level of quality and speed. Building light walls using 3D method and panel sandwich are



Shotcreet T250 Thumbnail

T250 is of the dry concrete spraying plant series which has a 10-liter rotor and can deliver materials up to 3 to 4 cube meter per hour with a 2-inch output. Light weight of the plant has made it easy to move.



This plant is lighter than T250 and easier to use, has a 16-liter rotor which helps it have a higher capacity of delivering material in comparison to T250, and because of its 2inch output its spare parts are the same as T250.



Shotcreet T260 Thumbnail

T260 is one of the best dry shotcretes which works with a 16-liter rotor, with high and low speed, thus made a vast ability for the consumer. The specifications of the system are the high capacity of delivering material, 2.5inch output and interesting design of the output funnel.



Shotcreet T262 Thumbnail

This system can both do dry and wet Shotcrete which has made it a member of wet spray family.

The highly advanced and simultaneously easy mechanism of this system provides the ability of spraying prepared concrete as well as spraying concretes with metal and polymer fiber.



Shotcreet T263 Thumbnail

High technology used in manufacturing T263 Machine has rapidly met the needs of big civil projects in the country, being replaced with older models of shotcrete machines.



Shotcreet T285b Thumbnail

An innovation in shotcrete manufacturing.

In addition to execution of shotcrete as wet-mixed and dry-mixed as well as shotcrete with steel fibers, using new technology and advanced mechanism in it, the above-said machine makes it possible that



Shotcreet T285i Thumbnail

Revolutionizes the working principles of wet and dry spraying T285i is a powerful machine, which permits to effect a quick change-over from wet mix spraying to processing of conventional dry mix.