Shotcreet T260

T260 is one of the best dry shotcretes which works with a 16-liter rotor, with high and low speed, thus made a vast ability for the consumer. The specifications of the system are the high capacity of delivering material, 2.5inch output and interesting design of the output funnel.


And we can also say about its shotcreting in places where the materials are not dry, which was before a great problem for the operator but now has been solved in this system.

Chemical additives and metal or polymer fibers can be used in this system without making any problem for the consumer.

In order to improve the quality of above shotcrete machine, Tajhiz Tunnel Javan company has ordered and produced special electromotor for this shotcrete machine.

This special electromotor has two separate windings with angular 700 of 900 rpm.

In order electromotors second speed is provided without a seperate winding which made the electrical box very complicated to be used further more in case of nonfunctioning of one winding, the second one also stop working and the whole electromotor will become defective.

This defect has been removed from all Electromotors of this company , by ordering and importing special electromotors just for shotcrete machine for , Tajhiz Tunnel Javan company.