Shotcreet T263

High technology used in manufacturing T263 Machine has rapidly met the needs of big civil projects in the country, being replaced with older models of shotcrete machines.


Execution of shotcrete as wet-mixed, dry-mixed and also capability for spraying the concrete with spring fibers and high discharge of this machine combined with low rate of consumables including rubber plates has added to the properties of this machine.

Furthermore, in electrical system of this machine, some facilities have been provided that result in increased safety to use. It is necessary to note that the above - said machine has been used in (TBM) big full-section automatic excavation machines both for injecting and spraying pea gravel with appropriate performance. Another property of this machine is its capability to transport 4 to 15 m3 material per hour.

  1. Wet and dry spraying and converting without machine conversion.
  2. Electric drive with varlator.
  3. Fully instrumented.
  4. Optimum rotor chamber filing tanks to special vibrating hopper and integrated rotor chamber ventilation.
  5. Redesigned rotor chamber section reduose puleation in material conveyance.
  6. Anti-wear rotor chamber linings and rubber insert in air chamber inhibit materil encrustration.
  7. Easy to operate mechanical 3-point tensioning arrangement.
  8. A pro - determined and torqe wrench - applled tensioning. pressure prolongs the life expectancy of joint piates and rotor discs.
  9. Joint plate Iudrication by automatic central Iubrication device reduces wear and inhibits dust formation.