Air Transfer Ducts

Along with introducing of various production according to last methods of air transfer ducts production , Tajhiz Tunnel Javan Engineering Company has started fabrication of these equipment in various dimension .



All of Produced silencer of T.T.E in terms of special layers and various sizes have unique features as follow:

  • Easy installation in number.
  • Easy installation of adaptor.
  • Using anti-electricity standard foam in mining tunnel.
  • Using meshwork to decrease unpleasant voise.



Jet Fans

All of produced JET FAN by T.T.E have unique features as follow:

  • Hight prouductivity due to efficient electromotor and special propeller.
  • Dynamic and static balance of propeller.
  • Easy lubrication of electromotor.
  • Easy installation under different angle.
  • Installation of adaptors, diffuser due to right connection of duct and decrease the noise level and increase productivity.
  • Lowest amount of friction in jet fan two separate electromotor.
  • Posibility of installation silencer more than one.


Simple Fan

All of produced ventilation fan by Tajhiz Tunnel Javan Engineer have unique features as follow:

  • Using perfect design in moulding blade and installation of Electro Motor reduces noise level and vibration of electromotor to minimum.
  • Equipped with adaptors for correct and simple installation on ducts.
  • Installation of diffusers for increasing efficiency and decreas noise level.
  • Being easy and quick for installation silencer and also installation of adaptor and diffuser to it.

Model# of ElectromotorPower N/KwSpeed rpmWidth cmFlow m3/sPressure Pa
SF-1100 1 15 1500 100 9.2 1300
SF-1100 1 37 1500 110 14 1500
SF-1200 1 55 1500 120 33 1800-2000
SF-1200 1 37 1500 120 28 1600-1800
SF-1200 2 55 1500 120 38 3800-4000
SF-1200 2 37 1500 120 33 3200-3600
SF-1600 1 132 1500 160 75 2800