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Customer service and after- sales service

Nowadays all experts, engineers and project managers know that is it not logical to use machinery and equipment without after-sales service. Therefore, using standard machinery and equipment with good and quick after- sales service is the key factor for choosing them. In order to offer our Customer with the highest quality of after sales service and meet their needs, Tajhiz Tunnel Javan engineering Company established Customer service and after- sales service department with experienced experts seperated from production department to give good quality services in different projects.

Another important point during the operation of huge project is preparation of spares, parts and accessories for machinery. It is obvious if parts or spares are not provided quickly and on time, it will cause lots of damages such as time wasting in project. The absence of a shotcrete machines spare parts might crumble a tunnel or late preparation to maintain a fan might cause pollution in the tunnel and consequently will result respiratory problems for personnel. Some important achievements of T.T.E.:

  1. Providing and supplying all shotcrete machines in Tohid Tunnel Project and also giving after sales services with maintaining them. When it is talking about so shotcrete machines which all of them are ready to work in this project, it can be estimated the ability of T.T.E to providing parts and after- sales services for respectful customers.
  2. Providing and supplying ventilation fans in Gotvand Dam project and different tunnel of this dam.
  3. Providing and supplying shotcrete machines and also ventilation Fans in METRO Project for the cities of Tehran,Isfahan,Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashad. Now, at all different lines in Tehran Metro Station all equipment and machinery of T.T.E company such as injection pump, ventilation fans are working with contin.. after- sales services to them.

Tajhiz Tunnel Company in regard with government policies and in respect of non- oil exports has been able to take big steps. This was important when the worldwide economic crisis had happened however this company with relying on its many years of experience and competitiveness of its products with high quality, has been able to reasonably priced the parts and equipment and offers a qualified engineering services to most countries of the Persian Gulf region, Central Asia, Middle East. Now, the manufacturing of this company with T.T.E Trademark are know and exported to the mentioned regions.

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